About CareWare Cloud

General Info About CareWare Cloud

We offer fantastic varied hosting solutions to suit every business and individual needs. Whether you’re the average blogger or a large scale technology company, we promise to offer you the very best and most cutting edge features.

Unlike some hosting firms, our support is not just limited to websites. We also service email, applications and an assortment of other content. See our web hosting packages.

CareWare understands that reliable web hosting is imperative to the success of any website regardless of its size; therefore we take that responsibility with utmost seriousness.

As well as this, we realise that not everyone can afford to pay for around the clock web hosting. All our support packages are reasonably priced given that our expert support team provide technical advice and guidance 24/7 and provide some of the fastest response rates in the web hosting industry.

Your Opinions Are Valuable To Us

We actively encourage our clients to leave feedback in relation to all aspects of our services. This ensures that we’re able to remain consistently innovative.

We Are Improving All The Time

We pay close attention to upcoming service improvements and strive to stay ahead of the competition by ensuring our business is utilising them effectively.

We Will Be Here A While

Do not worry that you will wake up one morning to find your website down just because we bailed or decided to sell, we are here to stay.

Passionate and Dedicated Support

We are very selective when it comes to staff employment and strive to uphold a level of professionalism by solely hiring competent staff that eat, sleep and breathe IT. Everyone that we take on board is enthusiastic about the industry .